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    The structure, size, shape and proportion of the breasts play a very important role in the appearance of women. Reasons such as genetic reasons, weight gain and loss, various diseases or partial or complete loss of breast tissue due to cancer may have led to an unaesthetic appearance in the breasts. Apart from the appearance, breast tissue, which has very large dimensions compared to the body, may pose a risk to the health of the back and spine. In such cases, breasts that are not suitable for the body structure and in shape can be reconstructed with breast aesthetic applications in order to protect health and to obtain an aesthetic appearance.

    What are the Types of Breast Aesthetics?

    Breast aesthetics includes different types of operations as it can be performed with different techniques and approaches. Basically, the type of operation is determined according to the type of deformity in the chest and the solution method. The most common operations are breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift and recovery.

    Breast Reconstruction

    Breast Reconstruction (repair) surgeries, in which the breast is reconstructed after the removal of the breast due to breast cancer or another disease, are one of the surgeries we frequently perform in our Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department.

    Studies and our own experiences show that breast reconstruction surgeries provide psychological support to women. We can perform breast reconstruction surgeries simultaneously with breast removal (mastectomy) surgery. In this way, our patients have a new breast when they come out of the surgery and do not have to experience the psychological distress that a breastless period can cause. Thanks to new technologies in medicine, the breast created in reconstruction surgeries can be very similar to the natural breast.

    Breast Lifting

    Its name in medicine is mastopexy. One of the main reasons why Breast Lift surgery is needed is that although there is no problem with large breasts, they have a sagging structure. By collecting these sags, it is aimed to obtain an aesthetic appearance. During the operation, the excess breast skin is removed by the surgeon. Then, the breast tissue is collected and shaped, and the nipple is positioned in the most appropriate place. The dark tissue around the breast, namely the areola, is reduced and the breast is lifted. At the end of the procedure, the breasts have an upright structure.

    Breast reduction

    The fact that the breasts are larger than they should be causes significant health problems to women. By performing breast reduction surgery, both health problems are eliminated and more aesthetically pleasing breasts are obtained. Medically, it is defined as reduction mammaplasty.

    Genetic factors often play a role among the causes of large breasts. However, there are also factors that cause breast growth and deformation, such as weight gain, pregnancies and births, and breastfeeding.

    Breast reduction surgeries are performed in order to eliminate the health problems that occur in the person and to obtain breasts with an aesthetic appearance and no symmetry disorders.

    Breast Implants

    Silicone breast implant; It is a breast augmentation procedure applied to people who have sagging breasts with the loss of volume of their breasts over time, have structurally voluminous breasts and have an asymmetrical appearance. This procedure, which is applied for many different reasons, makes the breasts look more aesthetic and voluminous.

    Conditions such as sagging breasts, skin accumulation due to rapid weight gain and loss, and dispersion of breast tissue psychologically make the person feel insecure and unhappy. Breast implant; It is preferred because it is a healthy and reliable method and gives a natural volume to the breasts.

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