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    Dental Treatments vary according to the operation that the teeth need. There many different dental operation types that change regarding to the sickness occurred on teeth. We can now talk about these different treatments one by one.

    Hollywood smile

    Hollywood smile, which is one of the popular applications of recent times, is a smile aesthetic treatment inspired by the bright and magnificent smiles of Hollywood stars. This treatment process is carried out by performing various applications together, since only white teeth are not enough to achieve the desired smile. 

    The targets of the Hollywood smile are as follows:

    • To achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance
    • Providing a symmetrical smile
    • Eliminating insecurity caused by bad-looking tooth structure
    • How to make you really feel like a star with a Hollywood smile
    • Creating an ideal smile for the face

    Dental implants

    Despite all the advances in oral and dental health, many people lose their teeth, mostly due to tooth decay, periodontal disease or injury. For many years, bridges and dentures were the only treatment options available for people with missing teeth. However, today there is a brand new, more reliable, more aesthetic and more permanent method.

    Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. Implants provide a strong foundation for fixed (permanent) or removable artificial teeth that are made to fit your natural teeth. In other words, a dental implant is an artificial tooth “root” that is artificially placed in your mouth to support dental prostheses such as dentures or bridges. They are screws made of tissue-friendly Titanium and inserted into the jawbone that act as a root for the missing tooth.

    Dental veneer

    Dental veneer is the coating of teeth when there is a loss of tooth tissue due to the loss of too much substance in the teeth, due to reasons such as caries-fractures, or for aesthetic purposes. Dental veneer is planned individually because each person’s mouth and tooth structure is different. Dental veneers can be performed for functional or aesthetic purposes. For aesthetic purposes, dental veneers can be performed in cases of dental caries, broken tooth fillings, tooth extractions and treatment of cavities in the mouth.

    Dental veneers made for functional purposes are made for missing teeth, loss of substance in the teeth or fractures, abrasions or to strengthen the teeth.

    Teeth Whitening

    It is actually not difficult to have ideal teeth whiteness. The discoloration of the teeth can be removed by teeth whitening (bleaching) and you can have whiter teeth. The teeth whitening process is quite different from the polishing process after the tartar cleaning process. In the teeth whitening process, the color tone of the tooth can be lightened by 2-3 tones.

    Teeth whitening can be applied as office bleaching applied by the physician in the office environment and home bleaching to be applied by the patient himself at home with gels containing lower whitening agents thanks to a transparent plaque given to the patient with the measurements taken from the patient.

    In addition, we describe it as over the counter, which is not under the control of a physician and can be obtained by patients from pharmacies; there are products such as whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. However, the effect of these products is very low compared to the whitening process, which is under the control of a physician, under the control of a physician.

    Root canal treatment

    Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, refers to removing the damaged or infected pulp of a tooth, disinfecting the tooth, and then closing it with a filling again. The pulp, located in the innermost part of the tooth, can be thought of as a soft core.

    In the pulp extending to the root tip of the teeth; there are nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. In cases where the tooth is cracked as a result of any impact or a deep decay occurs, bacteria enter the pulp and begin to multiply there. If this condition is left untreated, the bacteria can cause a serious infection or tooth abscess, leading to bone or tooth loss with pulp death. In such a case, root canal treatment is applied to the cracked or decayed tooth to save the tooth.

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